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Choosing Floral Wallpaper For Your Home

Damask Wallpaper

Damask Decor: Decorate Your Kitchen Using Damask Wallpaper

Beauty Of Crown MoldingsDamask wallpaper was once considered a decor for formal dining rooms or any other formal rooms in the house. However, with time, it has become more socially acceptable for damask wallpaper to be used as any form of decoration throughout the the entire house. For instance, using damask to decorate one’s kitchen would be a brilliant idea.

 In this regard, damask refers to the pattern of the wallpaper which is made of silk. While the classic damask wallpaper patterns still stand consistently in vogue, the modern versions of traditional damask wallpaper patterns are becoming famous as well.


The traditional wallpaper was inspired by the ancient damask patterns that were initially woven in Italy and Spain. The actual patterns are heat transferred onto the wallpaper to come up with a classic and elegant design for ones kitchen.

Traditional patterns include; simple scenes of daily life and even floral patterns or geometric patterns. The modern ones mostly include bamboo patterns, ivy, non classical scenes, the color pink, blues, and even bright greens.

Essentially damask can even be customized to match the cabinetry in the kitchen. For instance, a black and white damask wallpaper pattern will make a stark clean contrast to stainless steel cabinetry.

Despite the room the damask wallpaper is placed in, it can as well be an ideal focal point to design the rooms theme around. Most people tend to have an impression that damask wallpapers should be related to a Victorian style home, but actually this is not true.

It’s easy to install a damask wallpaper. Additionally, the texture of the wallpaper can also give an impressive look to the room. It may be glossy in appearance, but it comes in quite a variety. For instance, some types of damask might retain a velvety feel while others are smooth to the touch. Also, a pattern that has an aged appearance can be in some cases ideal to compliment the kitchens decor.

Moreover, kitchens appliances can as well be chosen to match the wallpaper. However, it is essential for one not to overdo the decoration if they are using damask wallpaper. Adding items such as tablecloths, drapery and upholstery made from the damask can overwhelm the space.

Generally, damask wallpaper creates a dramatic statement when it stands alone because it’s distinct properties and uniqueness is usually enough to give an elegant look to your house or room.