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Crown Moldings

Crown Moldings - How To Get The Angles Right

Beauty Of Crown MoldingsCrown moldings are one of the best ways to add flair to your modern home. They come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Choosing the right design can be all you need to add the finishing touches to your home improvement project. However, installing cornice is not an easy task especially for first-timers. The biggest problem is getting the angles right. Leaving gaps in the corner will make your house look unpleasant. The following are some tips in installing cornice and how to get the right angles.

The most common way of installing crown moldings is by cutting the pieces at a 45 degree angle and then joining them at the corner. This creates the desired 90 degree angle and ensures the molds stay at edge. This method works flawlessly as long as the walls are perfectly square. However, you may find that some walls are uneven.

In such cases, you need to cut one mold at a time. Install the first mold at the corner and then measure the other mold against it. This gives you the right angle at which to join the two molds. If you do the usual method of cutting both molds beforehand, you will probably end up with a gap in the corner.

Before the installation process, it is vital that you prepare all the tools you will need. A coping saw and a miter saw are the two most commonly used tools in cutting the moldings at the right angle. For huge projects, a compound miter jig comes in really handy.

Measuring tools are also essential when it comes to installing cornice. Without the proper measuring tools, you are going to end up with the wrong angles all the time. It is recommended to measure twice before proceeding with the installation to ensure you get the precise angle.

It also helps to have marking tools with you. A simple marker can do the job just fine. Remember that the moldings have two parts: exterior and interior. Mark the parts carefully to avoid getting confused and installing the wrong piece at the wrong place.

Installing moldings can be a real challenge, but it becomes easier with practice. Start with smaller pieces first to get a feel of how it is done before moving on to bigger projects. With the proper knowledge and the right tools, you will not be wasting too many pieces and you will soon master how to get the right angles when installing crown moldings.